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Star Trek: Voyager (yes, again) - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-08-16 21:14
Subject: Star Trek: Voyager (yes, again)
Security: Public
I is on a Voyagah spree!

Ex Post Facto: Convicted of murder, Tom Paris is sentence to having to relive the last moments of his victim's life every 14 hours for the rest of his life.

That's one scraggly-looking alien dog. The woman that Tom was supposed to have had a fling with seems rather dull. Maybe it's just Kim's storytelling. Nope, she's just wooden. The aliens look like they have black mold growing all over their heads though.

Neelix makes a joke and laughs uproariously at it while Janeway glowers at him. Ha!

Tuvok seems to elect himself investigator. Yay! Mind meld! It's Agatha Cristie in space. And he is clever, so he works out that Tom is innocent, the end.

Emanations: Voyager locates a rare trans-uranic element in the rings of a planet, but it's the burial place of a life form, and Harry is sucked through a subspace rift to their world.

The away team doesn't wear radiation suits obviously because they are immune to radiation. Kim wants to make off with some of the corpses for scientific purposes. I guess it's a bit ironic he's the one sucked back into the alien civilization then.

Chakotay spends the first ten minutes or so dictating protocol on dealing with dead bodies. Git.

HoloDoc was able to bring the alien woman back from the dead by replicating brain tissue. Yet he couldn't replicate a pair of lungs a few episodes ago. Medical science moves swiftly in the Delta Quadrant. He seems fairly proficient in treating a life form he's never seen before, in fact. The aliens have buttock-foreheads and four nostrils.

Yay! Harry is the harbinger of the news that their afterlife doesn't exist! Now their civilization is screwed. "What do you mean, no silicon heaven? Where do all the dead calculators go?"

Jefrey Alan Chandler is pretty good as Hatil.

How can a death shroud be in a family for generations?? It's a one-use item! There only looks like there's enough bandages in the box to wrap one more person at the most...

Harry says he's heard of cases where people have been dead for hours and still brought back to life. riiiight.

Heh, Janeway suggests to Harry that he right about his experience. "Dear diary. I was sucked into another dimension, then I was dead, but I got better."
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