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ST:V - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-08-17 22:35
Subject: ST:V
Security: Public
Prime Factors: Voyager is invited to a leisure world where the natives have a long-range transporter system.

Seska has a fair role in this episode and (like her previous minor appearances) there's no foreshadowing of what's to come...

Apparently news of Voyager has spread. They've only been in the Delta quadrant a few months, surely.

Once again, Harry gets near a female, and all he can think of is technical stuff and the mission to get home. Combine that with the scene earlier when Harry tells how he fell out of a gondola while attempting to make out, and you get the subtle impression that Harry has trouble with the whole women thing.

Janeway weighs up her principles versus getting home. And ultimately chooses her principles. Tsk. Even Tuvok's ready to sell out. Shame the technology doesn't work with Federation tech, but it makes for a cool scene with Janeway chewing out Torres and Tuvok.

State of Flux: After encountering the Kazon on a planet, they come to the aid of a Kazon ship and find the Kazon have been using stolen Federation technology.

Und ze second appearance by the Kazon. Yay, thrilling. They have to be the most exciting aliens in Star Trek because they have clown hair.

So Seska turns out to be a Cardassian agent who infiltrated the Marqui. Chakotay asks Tuvok if anyone on his ship was actually a legitimate member of the Marqui. Later on it will turn out Torres was a Borg all along...

The whole Seska thing defies logic. You're a Casdassian agent, stranded at the far side of the galaxy on a Federation starship - the sensible course of action would be to lie low until the ship gets back to the alpha quadrant so you can report to your superiors. Instead, she makes deals with the Kazon and ends up joining them and thus remaining stranded there. There's that mission out the window then. If she's lucky, the Kazon won't decide she's useless to them now and flush her out the nearest airlock.

Also pretty cool that a lowly engineering officer can organise a transport off ship without any of the senior staff knowing or being able to prevent it. The Federation really has some crappy security protocols there.

Hmm, Moby's going to be on Nightline! And they're going to have a bit about Alien vs Predator, the high-brow movie of 2004. Eeeexcellent.
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