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ST:V, Faces & Jetrel

Additional note regarding the last couple: interesting that in "Heroes and Demons" it's Tuvok and Chakotay who go into the Holodeck together to find Kim, then in "Cathexis" (of spurious morality) they're off on a mission together in a shuttle... Their love was meant to be!

Faces: Paris, Torres and Durst are captured by the Vidiians.

The Vidiians have a "Genatron". Sounds dodgy.

So if the Vidiians need organs and stuff, why don't they just get genetic material from compatible species and grow clones to provide organs?

Gah, the credits aren't even over and already the spotty git appears. His ongoing irritation of Tuvok has begun. Chakotay suggests beaming down to look for the away team, and Tuvok immediately raises a concern for his safety. Then when Janeway tells C to take a team down, the first person he chooses is Tuvok. OTP! OTP!

Why does Klingon Torres talk funny? It's the fake big teeth, right?

So the Vidiians are searching for species immune to the Phage. It's obviously not especially targeted to the Vidiians then, and obviously not that easy to catch, since none of the Voyager crew ever caught it, and Sulan has to purposely infect Klingon Torres.

Hmmm, Tuvok and Chakotay are exploring the caves together while Harry places transponders. nudge nudge wink wink.

Eww, Sulan has Durst's face. Could they make the Vidiians any sicker?

Human Torres is sad because she's a wuss. She should be sad because she has a really weird hairdo. Seriously. Now she's arguing with Klingon Torres. Woooo, subtle allegory.

Chakotay registers no surprise at seeing human and Klingon Torres. Well, not that you can tell through the Vidiian makeup.

And HoloDoc says he's going to reintegrate the Klingon DNA into human Torres. I guess he couldn't create new lungs for Neelix in "Phage" because he was hoping the spotty git would die.

Jetrel: Voyager is contacted by Jetrel, a scientist who developed a biological weapon which killed thousands of people.

Reappearance of the French holoprogram Paris created in The Cloud. Neelix and Tuvok are playing pool. I wonder if Chakotay knows he's in danger of losing Tuvok to the spotty git.

OMG, Neelix may be in danger of developing a fatal disease! Best episode ever. Neelix is actually quite good in it though as he is not being perky and annoying all the time.

"How many did you kill during the war?" Jetrel asks of Neelix. Neelix was on catering, surely.

Oh, Neelix was hiding during the war. Draft dodger!

Great, so even random aliens can override Starfleet security protocols. They really need to review their security.

"You're engaging in some sort of bizarre experiment, aren't you?" Yay for mad scientists!

Jetrel thinks he can reconstitute the people disintegrated by the Metreon cascade. Tuvok and Janeway are skeptical. It doesn't work. Big surprise.

Neelix isn't going to die. Oh what a relief.

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