Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Learning Curve

Learning Curve: Tuvok undertakes training some of the more undisciplined Marqui in Star Fleet protocols, while Voyager begins to suffer gel pack malfunctions.

And yet another use of the Holodeck. Obviously they're not too fussed about saving power regarding this. Janeway is still playing with the holonovel from Cathexis.

Voyager has 47 spare gel packs and they can't be replicated. Chakotay suggests converting some of the circuits to the old iso-linear chips.

Tuvok educates the Marqui on Star Fleet's fascist dress code, then takes them on a tour of the Jeffries tubes and a 10km run. Tuvok, of course, isn't even winded. Being in Star Fleet appears to be like being in the army, at least where Tuvok's involved.

Gah, Neelix is giving Tuvok a pep talk. You know you're in trouble when you're getting advice from the spotty git. And the problem they've having gel pack problems is because Neelix made cheese. Figures.

Er, and that's the end of season 1. That definitely wasn't as bad as I remembered it. It started off weakly (yes, let's introduce the spotty git then have the HoloDoc do a comedy shrinking), but had some good stories, like Ex Post Facto, Cathexis, Jetrel, and both the Vidiian episodes. Despite being butt ugly and disturbing to boot, the Vidiians are a darn site more interesting than the Kazons, who are basically Klingon substitutes.

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