Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST: V, The 37's

Awwight! Time to launch into Season 2.

The 37's: a 1930s pickup truck is found floating in space, leading Voyager to a planet where an even more unusual discovery is made.

Janeway wonders how iron can rust in space. It's a well known fact that pickup trucks can rust anywhere. Paris can recognise it as a Ford made in 1936 cause he has antique vehicles as a hobby. Kim thinks it's an early hover car. Ha! Surely the crew've been in enough Holodeck sims of the 20th century to know about cars?

Tuvok says the atmosphere is charged with "tri-nimbic turbulance". He made that up! Ah, I see, this is all an excuse so they can land the whole ship on the planet. This is a lot of trouble to go to just to investigate a morse code SOS.

Funny, the surface of the planet looks just like EARTH! What an amazing coincidence. *cough*

So aliens abducted random people from 1930, took them halfway across the galaxy and stuck them in cryo. Sure, why not?

Hahaha! Earhart's navigator professes his love for her, and HoloDoc promptly heals his wounds.

OK, so the humans running around with guns are descendants of other humans from 1930 brought to the planet by the Briori and used as slaves. They revolted and drove the Briori off. Why'd the Briori gather slaves on a planet so far away then?

Warp 9.9 is about 4 billion miles per second. Far out.

We don't get to see the cities? Rip off!!!

Janeway to Earhart: "And I'd look forward to knowing you better" Slash! Slash! *cough* sorry.

Heh, the bit with the cargo bay was cute.

And Voyager pisses off, the end.

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