Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST: V, Initiations + Projections

I liked the shots of Voyager on the menu for season 1 better. These ones make it look like a cut-out moved against a star backdrop.

Initiations: Chakotay is attacked by a young Kazon. When he defeats the Kazon in battle, more Kazon turn up and take Chakotay prisoner.

And the Kazon are back. Yes, gotta watch out for those crazy Kazon kids and their zooming around shooting at shuttles. Conveniently both the shuttles navigation array and long-range communications are damaged.

Gah, Neelix is whining again. Make him stooooop. Aww, they didn't invite him to the defence simulations on the Holodeck. I wonder why...

The Kazon jail cell is just lovely. Needs some throw-pillows though.

Chakotay says he's a gentle man. Prime Marqui material then, eh?

Hmm, despite evasive maneuvres, the Kazons don't have any trouble shooting at the shuttle. Pity about the shuttle. How many does Voyager have left then?

Gosh, that looks like Paramount's backlot.

Hmm, the Kazon's originally revolted against another race. Wonder if it was the Briori again, though the revolt in The 37's was somewhat longer ago, ISTR.

Projections: The HoloDoc is activated to discover that the crew has abandoned ship during a disaster and he is the only one on board. Then crew members begin to turn up and he begins to have doubts as to the nature of reality. as you do.

Ah, first appearance of Barclay.

Eh, if the HoloDoc was turned on by the initiation of red alert, why wasn't he activated during the Kazon attack?

B'Elanna says they've been installing holoemitters on the bridge and other decks to allow the HoloDoc more freedom of movement. She also says if his containment field collapses, it'll take hours to reinitialise his program.

Neelix and HoloDoc versus a Kazon. Damn, for a moment there they thought Neelix was injured, but it was only sauce.

OK, so Barclay says HoloDoc is really Zimmerman who is running a simulation of Voyager and is having a memory problem and thinks he's a real HoloDoc. Splendid, that's all straightened out then. How Total Recall.

Bah, flashback to The Caretaker. Tacky!

And Chakotay turns up to flip-flop the entire scenario. And Kes turns up as Zimmerman's wife. Totally Total Recall, dude.

Hah! So Barclay was in charge of developing the HoloDoc's interpersonal skills. That explains much.

And it was all a dream, er, holodeck malfunction.

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