Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Elogium

Elogium: Voyager discovers a race of space sperm and Kes gets ready to spawn.

OK, eww, Kes is eating bugs. I hope she pops a breath mint after that.

And first appearance by Ensign Wildman (I think).

Kes now has an eating disorder and Neelix has to manhandle her to sickbay. Meanwhile the sperm are generating a magnetic field and Voyager is pulled towards them.

And HoloDoc kicks the yellow git out of sickbay. Oh, Kes is going through puberty. She's not even two years old. OMG. Neelix is a pervert!

Janeway and Chakotay start discussing what arrangements will need to be made if the crew starts spawning.

And Kes wants to mate with Neelix. That should produce an interesting child. Neelix says he'll get back to her. And immediately goes to Tuvok for advice.

Uh oh, mom sperm turned up. Or should have be dad sperm?

Kes attempts to get parental advice from the HoloDoc. Heh...

And Wildman announced she's pregnant to the Captain. Gosh.

Gah, worst ep of season 2 so far.

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