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ST:V, Non Sequitur - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-09-18 20:40
Subject: ST:V, Non Sequitur
Security: Public
Jeff pointed out to me that Projections was suspiciously like the TNG episode Frame of Mind. Hrm... Anyhoo:

Non Sequitur: Harry Kim wakes up to find himself back on Earth, having never been assigned to Voyager.

Hmm, Harry has a model of a galaxy-class starship for some reason... Again, he's able to override security protocols without too much trouble. Astounding.

And Tom Paris is apparently on Earth too, so Kim sods off to France to find him - and it's the same place from Tom's holodeck program! Sadly Tom doesn't know what is going on and has never set foot on Voyager. Gratuitous ref to DS9!

Hmm, halfway through and still no idea what's going on.

Kim: "Why does everyone say 'relax' when they're about to do something terrible?"

Ah, so Kim's coffee supplier is an alien. Finally an explanation. Kim wants to create the accident, but the alien says it could cause in reality changing in unpredictable ways.

Harry Kim = idiot. Life on a starship thousands of light-years from Earth, versus life on earth with his fiance and his award-winning starship designs, and he chooses Voyager.

And somehow, against all odds, he ends up reaching the right reality.

Twisted: Voyager encounters a spacial distortion which traps the ship and distorts its pedestrian infrastructure.

And straight away, another Holodeck sequence in Tom's French program. Guess they still had the set up from last ep. And Tom gives Kes a birthday present, causing Neelix to seethe with barely concealed jealousy. Not that it seems to take much for that to happen.

Heh, Chakotay seems less than thrilled to be paired up with Neelix. Unsurprising as Neelix immediately starts trying to get advice about his jealousy.

Hmm, this is all running around in corridors. They're trying to copy Doctor Who!

The distortion special effects are pretty spiffing, I must say.

Er, so it turns out the distortion is ultimately harmless and just some other life form's way of trying to communicate with them. Riiiiiiiiight.

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