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ST:V, Parturition - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-09-19 21:25
Subject: ST:V, Parturition
Security: Public
Parturition: Paris and Neelix fight over Kes until Janeway puts them on a shuttle mission together.

Yay, more Neelix jealousy re Paris and Kes. Never get tired of that. No sir.

Yo, Janeway has her hair out of the bun. And Kim playing a clarinet (there was one in his apartment in Non Sequitur, so nice ref there).

Why does Holodoc look off-screen when talking to Janeway and Chakotay? He looks like he's looking at them, but given he's talking to them over a screen, he must be looking off at a wall or something.

Yay for awkward moments in the mess hall. And Paris vs Neelix fight! At least until they're interrupted by Janeway, who wants them to go on a mission to some planet.

So, er, is there going to be a plot, or is the Paris/Neelix conflict the whole plot. Come on already!

Kes: "Neelix and Tom Paris has a physical fight over me!"
HoloDoc: "How delightful!"

HoloDoc: "Whenever you walk into the room, his respiration increases, his pupils dilate, and the colouration of his ears turns decidedly orange. Until I noticed the pattern I thought he was suffering from Tanzian flu."

Neelix: "You don't have to impress me with your technobabble."

Ooop, shuttle crash. That's the second they've trashed. So Tom and Neelix find a cave and promptly seal themselves in. WTF. Then they find an egg and a thingee hatches out of it, and Tom designates Neelix its mum.

And lizard mummy turns up to pick up the baby, causing Paris and Neelix to return to Voyager where they are now best mates. Right. I guess at least that means no more Paris/Neelix jealousy plot arc.
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