Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Maneuvers + Resistance

Maneuvers: Voyager is lured to a nebula by a Federation signal, where Kazon aided by Seska attack the ship and steal a transporter module.

Continuity: Chakotay and Torres play hoverball together (is that what they call it in the future? *cough*) They also develop an "anti-proton beam" which never actually gets used.

Chakotay and Seska were having teh pr0n before she revealed she was a Cardassian. Yaaaaaaay, teh pr0n!

They get the shuttle back, so they're still only two shuttles down.

Random Thoughts: Will not complain about spelling of title. Will not complain about spelling of title.

Honestly, you'd think they'd have changed a few security codes, etc, after Seska defected. Once again, Federation security is woeful.

Tuvok: "I assure you, captain, it will not happen again." I bet he says that every time.

Wait, so Chakotay destroyed the transporter module, but now the Kazon have his shuttle? Doesn't the shuttle have an inbuilt transporter? Oh, he wiped the computer core.

They should really do something about the "stars" outside the ready room windows. They look terrible and change focus as the camera shift focus. I guess it saves SFX money though.

Resistance: With Voyager in need of telerium for their warp core, a team beams down to a hostile world and gets caught up in the local politics.

Continuity: the Mokra are agressive and paranoid, according to Neelix. Apparently they are the ones dressed all in black with motorcycle helmets. There's also a subclass of aliens who look almost completely human except for an odd bit in their nose. Massively original alien there. Also assorted other aliens live on the planet.

Once again someone mentions Voyager's questionable repulation in the Delta quadrant.

The Mokra use meta-phasic shields. Groovy. This is mainly so Voyager can't just mean Tuvok and Torres out, of course.

Random Thoughts: Janeway appears to have stumbled on the planet's looney.

Why does no one in Trek ever try the old "pretend to be sick then whack the guard" schtick? Come on! It's a classic! It's bound to work.

Yay, Janeway posing as a prostitute.

Hooray for the Vulcan nerve pinch!

Um, with thes ion blasts coming in so slowly, couldn't they just move the ship out of the way? Sheesh. Otherwise, this episode wasn't half bad.

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