Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Meld + Dreadnaught

After the end of Threshold, I'm wonderinf if the HoloDoc's new name should be Doc Ex Machina. Or I suppose more accurately Deus Ex Doc.

Meld: A crewman is murdered, another confesses to the crime. However Tuvok is not satisfied.

And back in Paris' french holo program. Paris appears to be attempting to hustle Kim at pool - surely they've played before and Kim would know how good Paris is.

Neelix has been researching Vulcan holidays specifically so he can hassle Tuvok. What a guy! He's also managed to find the only Vulcan holiday which involves people getting naked, greasing themselves up and chasing each other. Good old Neelix. Unfortuantely this is a Star Trek series, so the likihood of this happening on-screen is somewhere between zero and nil.

OK, ten minutes in and they've already found out Sudor did it.

Nice speech from the HoloDoc about the tenuous control most people have over their violent tendancies.

Tuvok decides to mind meld with Sudor. He does this without consulting with the Captain or anyone else for that matter. Tsk tsk.

Janeway decides the best punishment is to confine Sudor to his quarters for the rest of the trip. Wuss.

Yay! Tuvok totally killed Neelix! Sadly it was only a holodeck program.

Oh, and Paris is in trouble for running a gambling operation. Splendid.

Sudor gives Tuvok the mildmeld is like rape speech! This is actually one of the best episodes so far, examining the Vulcan mind meld, its repercusions and the violence inherant in man.

Now they remove Tuvok's capacity for suppressing his violence and he becomes even more psychotic.

Hmm, Tuvok manages to disable to isolation forcefield using a handy cable. That seems a little odd - you'd think they'd have force fields which can't be knocked out with electricity.

Best episode of season 2 so far.

Dreadnought: When Voyager encounters debris floating in space, Torres has to face some old ghosts.

HoloDoc's still searching for a name. My suggestion above still stands. Ensign Wildman is trying to think up a name for her bebby, but HoloDoc finds something wrong with most of them.

The dreadnaught is a Cardassian missile carrying a payload of a thousand kilos each of matter and antimatter. They attempted to use one on a Marqui base but it failed to go off and Torres was able to reprogram it to go after a Cardassian base.

Even at this stage there's chemistry between Torres and Paris.

The Kazon spy is still passing info to the Kazon. Tuvok is obviously pretty lax in his security. Feh.

Voyager is equipped with type six photon torpedoes, apparently.

So they're going to attack the missile to force it into firing back? Isn't that a bit of a bad idea? That's six photon torpedoes used. And another one.

Well, that was a pretty pussy battle. The aliens retreated pretty quickly.

Doesn't Janeway need the first officer's confirmation to activate self-destruct?

Why doesn't Torres just set her phaser on overload and destroy the containment field that way?

That was an OK episode.

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