Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Deathwish + Life Signs

The sound on my DVD player has gone quieter. It's very odd. I pressed a button on the remote, and I don't know what I did! Feh, technology.

Death Wish: A suicidal Q turns up on Voyager. Hilarity ensues.

Isn't the transporter pad an odd place to beam pieces of comet? Oh well, they pick up a Q instead.

Oh no, he made all the menfolk disappear! He does apologise though. And then the other Q turns up.

Gratuitous references to Picard and Riker!

"This ship will not survive the formation of the cosmos." Oh, this is tacky. Very tacky.

Oh, and Janeway's telling them off. She decides on a hearing to grant the suicidal Q asylum.

Gratitious appearance by Riker! Ding ding ding! Fanwank meter has hit maximum!

hmm, off they go to the Q Continuum which resembles a house in the middle of nowhere in America. So where's the Korbin Bernsen Q?

Now Q is making moves on Janeway. She rightly tells him where to get off.

Yay! Q becomes mortal, and promptly injests an incurable poison. What a very silly episode.

Life Signs: An ill Vidiian female is brought on board Voyager, and the HoloDoc gives her a holographic form to aid in her treatment.

Ha! Chakotay tries to palm off the Paris problem onto Janeway. He's been late for work. Tsk tsk.

And now HoloDoc wants to extract a piece of Torres' brain. "You'll never miss it." Ha!

Gratuitous reference to Dr McCoy!

Oh, and it's Paris' French holo program again. Awww, it's a date. How cute.

And der spy is now being given instructions to sabotage Voyager. He refuses though. I guess even he has his limits.

Kes says HoloDoc is in love. Episode now veering towards sickly sweetness. Now HoloDoc goes for romantic advice from Paris. *facepalm* Paris should have been heading for the bridge evidently - now he's in the brig for insubordination.

Smashing ending, Grommit!

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