Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Investigations + Deadlock

The season 2 menus still look pants. I hope the season 3 menus are better.

Investigations: Neelix discovers that Paris is intending to leave Voyager.

Oh, god. "Welcome to a briefing with Neelix!" At this rate the investigation will be into who stuffed Neelix into a warp conduit.

Argh, this is a Neelix episode isn't it? Kill me. Kill me now.

The only thing more dangerous than Neelix on public access is the HoloDoc on public access. "My topic for today will be how to keep your nostrils happy."

Plasma venting! Looks like the spy decided to go ahead with the sabotage then.

And Paris has been kidnapped by the Kazons. Tsk. what a subtle plot. Anyway, Seska is now uberpreggers.

Neelix finally twigs there's a Kazon spy on board. Unfortunately HoloDoc interrupts just as the spy is about to kill Neelix. *sigh* my dreams dashed.

Cool, now Neelix is wandering into random quarters looking for clues. And Neelix neatly circumvents the security protocols by repeating the security code the bloke in Engineering used. At least it turns out Tuvok knew about the spy's secret transmissions.

And Neelix saves the day. Feh.

Deadlock: As Ensign Wildman gives birth, a bizarre accident strikes Voyager.

Oh, yes, this is the disturbing Vidiian one.

Janeway: "In a way, this child belongs to all of us." Communism!

The whole major disaster scenario is pretty cool. Casualties! Harry spaced! Kes disappears! Hull breach on the bridge! And cut to Voyager B.

Janeway tries to work out why they now have two Keses and they realise there's another Voyager. They've time rammed themselves. Doh!

Now Janeway is talking to herself. First sign of madness. Janeway A wants to blow up Voyager A so Voyager B can bugger off.

And here come the Vidiians... Despite the fact they've overrun Voyager B, Kim manages to get from the bridge to sick-bay to deck 15. Poor Harry is now somewhat perturbed by the fact he's not on his original ship, sort of. Who can blame him?

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