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Mission: Defeat Bandwidth Bandits

The Concept: make it so people can't "remote link" to graphics on my web page.

Attempt #2

Attempt 2 involved writing a Perl script which would check the referring URL and serve the graphic if the referring URL began with Additionally, it served the graphic if the referring URL was blank, as in some browsers (e.g. Opera) it is possible to turn referrer reporting off, which would result in a pile of broken graphics all over my pages.

The script, written with the aid of frobisher was a success. I could link to the script, giving the path/name of the graphic as an argument, and it would serve the graphic. And remote linking did not work, as I had hoped.

The only drawback is that if I start using that method, I would no longer be able to test the pages locally to ensure that they work before uploading. Possible solutions to this could be (a) run a web server on my PC to allow me to test, or (b) use a fancy .htaccess redirection to ensure that the requests turn up at the right place...

I will save that for next time I feel like doing a major update, I think. :)

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