Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Resolutions

Resolutions: Janeway and Chakotay are diagnosed with an incurable virus and left on a planet.

Ah, yes, the Janeway and Chakotay get stuck on a planet together and don't make babies episode.

Janeway is going to keep working on a cure. Voyager beams down a pile of technology. I hope they've got an antimatter generator to run all that stuff.

Meanwhile on Voyager, they see a Vidiian convoy, and keep flying. Kim gets pissy and Tuvok kicks him off the bridge.

Kim brings up the fact the HoloDoc knows a Vidiian doctor (Life Signs) and Torres' DNA is resistant to phage, giving them bargening points. Tuvok points out they blew up a Vidiian ship in Dead Lock, which probabyl didn't endear them to the Vidiians. Tuvok pulls rank and wins by default.

Meanwhile, back on the planet, Janeway is talking to a monkey.

The crew lobbies Tuvok and he decides to contact the Vidiians after all.

A plasma storm wipes out most of Janeway's research stuff.

Tuvok reaches the Vidiian doctor and she arranges to let them have some antidote.

Chakotay built "a few" log cabins when he was younger, apparently. Does he even have a first name? He gives Janeway a neck-rub, but that's about as much action as he gets. Uh oh, Janeway's giving the old "we have to define parameters" line.

Voyager flies into a trap. OMG! They used precious torpedos! Three on screen, anyway. They get the serum anyway and sod off back to the planet, where Janeway and Chakotay still haven't made babies.

So they're just leaving all their non-biodegradable stuff there?? Tsk tsk.

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