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ST:V, Flashback - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-10-28 20:06
Subject: ST:V, Flashback
Security: Public
Flashback: Tuvok begins to suffer flashbacks and mind-melds with Janeway to try to deal with the repressed memory.

Neelix is trying out experiments? Run! Run now! Bolian tongues are protected against acid. Good to know.

Tuvok: "Mr Neelix, I would prefer not to hear the life-history of my meal." Yeah, shut the hell up, Neelix.

Cerillium is a highly-combustible energy source which will never be referred to again. It also makes Tuvok start to hallucinate, apparently. HoloDoc gives him a brainscanning dohicky if it happens again.

Eventually HoloDoc decides it's a repressed memory. Apparently they're deadly to Vulcans. Riiiight.

Janeway agrees to mind meld with him to help him unrepress his memory. They end up in a Star Trek movie. Sulu rules, but I think DS9 got the better deal. This story and the "tribbles" time travel story in DS9 were anniversary nods. DS9's story had the nostalgia angle, but very few people have nostalgia for Star Trek VI.

Janeway and Kim discuss TOS and how the officers were a lot less starched.

Dimitri is right - Vulcans seriously need to relax. :) But Tuvok says he quit Star Fleet for 50 years over it.

HoloDoc discovers there's an odd neural pattern in Tuvok's brain. It turns out to be a virus, which HoloDoc kills using thoron radiation. Yawn.
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