Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Chute

Today we ask "Where the hell was this story when they were handing out the good titles?" Mind you, you could ask that of so many Voyager titles.

The Chute: Tom Paris and Harry Kim are imprisoned in a violent alien jail for a crime they didn't commit.

Paris and Kim in an alien jail. And they have brain implant thingees. The Aquatarians have a guilty until proven guilty justice policy. Hmm, if they were a Doctor Who race, they'd live on a water-based world and have gills.

Voyager retreats to avoid a conflict with the Aquatarians. Both paralitium and dilithium can be converted into trilithium.

Paris thinks Kim can rig a device to short out the forcefield over the chute, cause Kim as a tech geek. The device fails, sending Kim on his arse. Now we have the obligatory knife fight, and Paris gets stabbed.

What Voyager should be doing at this point is getting a crew member arrested and stuck in the jail with a communicator inserted rectally in order to rescue Kim and Paris. Instead they are looking for paralithium-powered vessels to track down whoever made the explosives.

Fellow inmate thinks the clamp brain implant is a prison population control thing to make the imates kill each other. Kim succeeds in overriding the force field and scales to the top of the chute to find it opens into space cause they're on a space station. Why bother with the force field at all then? The only time there'll be anywhere to escape to will be when there's a ship there dropping someone off, in which case there'd be guards. Inmate wants Kim to kill Paris cause the latter is a burden.

Voyager comes back with the people responsible for the bombing, and the Aquatarians are unresponsive. Janeway considers this, then storms the prison facility using Neelix's ship. Word. Kim and Paris go off to enjoy a well-earned steak meal.

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