Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Remember + Sacred Ground


Remember: When a race of telepathic aliens are passengers aboard Voyager, Torres begins to experience vivid dreams.

Hey, look more completely human-looking aliens. One of them is making eyes at Harry. Eh? Random B'Elanna dream sex scene. B talks about her dream in a disturbing manner with Chakotay.

Neelix sets up the mess hall with Onaran decor to help make their guests feel at home. Oneof them is playing funky new-age music on a Dalek bump. Looks like it works vaguely like a theremin. Janeway has a go, and one of the Onara is able to transfer knowledge to her telepathically.

Torres dreams about being an Onaran some more.


When she does it in Engineering, people start getting alarmed. HoloDoc says she's experiencing implanted memories and puts a blinky thing on her head to stop the memories and the bRANE dAMAGE.

She is hooked on the soap opera and takes the blinky thing off to dream some more. Torres fears no brane damage! She discovers that the memories are coming from the aged Onaran and that the Onarans once committed genocide.

Yay! Hostile confrontation a go go! The Onarans deny everything, but Torres passes the memories on to one of them before they leave the ship.

Sacred Ground: When Kes is injured by an alien device, Janeway undertakes a ritual to try to save her.

The Voyager crew are taking shore leave on a planet. Kes walks into some sort of shrine and gets zapped. As y'do.

The natives say Kes has angered the spirits and won't let the crew scan the area. I've seen the main alien dude somewhere before... Harry Groener, who was also.. Ah! the Mayor in Buffy season 3.

Janeway elects to go through a religious ritual in order to find out more information. Nude Janeway! Then she is stuck in a room with old people. Hell is other people. WTF was that all about?

Have a feeling Janeway's going to be more confused than anything by the time she's finished her Jedi training.

Chakotay, HoloDoc and Tuvok debate whether they need to beam Janeway up or not. She returns to Voyager and HoloDoc starts treating Kes, but the treatment fails.

Janeway nips back down for another ritual and chats with the old people in the room. Psycho-analysis a go go. She takes Kes back into the energy field and Kes comes back to life!

Janeway later zones on the HoloDoc's technobabble.

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