Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Future's End, Part 1

Future's End, Part 1: When Captain Braxton from the 29th century turns up to destroy Voyager, the ship is propelled back in time to Earth in 1996.

Guest starring Sarah Silverman from Greg the Bunny (Yaaaaaaay!)

Tuvok's completed a security report. How many security breaches have they had in the last week? 5? 6? :)

Captain Braxton comes back in time to destroy Voyager because they cause the destruction of the entire solar system in the future. Voyager manages to deflect his attack, but they're sucked into the temporal rift and deposited near Earth, 1996. "Oh, shit, we've landed in the 20th century."

Tuvok picks up subspace readings in LA. an away team beams down. Chakotay's haircut sucks. Lots of comments about how weird the locals are. Janeway tracks the subspace readings to a homeless person.

Star Trek should not do time travel stories, seriously.

And there's Sarah Silverman detecting Voyager in orbit. And she sends them a universal greeting. Kim remains unimpressed. Janeway sends Paris and Tuvok to investigate while she and Chakotay discover the homeless person is an older Braxton. Braxton explains they've created a causality loop. Someone has stolen his timeship.

Starling's a bit like businessman Lex Luthor, really.

Paris chats up Sarah Silverman.

"Who are you people and what is that thing in your pants?!" Hahahaha!

Oh come on, it was funny.

Neelix and Kes discover soap operas. Gah!

Tricorders can bypass primitive computer systems. Neat. Wonder if they can stop Windows from crashing.

Confrontation with Starling! Janeway and Chakotay are beamed out, but they're unable to beam up the time ship. Starling uses the transporter link to download a good deal of the computer database, including the HoloDoc. Meanwhile, someone videotaped Voyager during its atmospheric run to pick up the Captain.

To be Continued. When Jeff sends me the next DVD.

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