Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Warlord

And again. sure, and why not?

Warlord: Blake and the crew meet up with Colin Baker, and... oh, wait, wrong show. An alien warlord takes over Kes' brain.

Oh god, opening shot of Neelix orgasming. He's created a holoprogam of Talaxia. Kim has an all-girl beach volleyball team? The dawg! OK, someone kill Neelix now.

Meanwhile, Voyager rescues two people from a damaged ship. But that's not important right now, as Neelix is worried about Kes. Kes is feeling oppressed by the yellow imp and does the "we should spend some time apart" speech.

The aliens beam up a representative and... Kes shoots him and an ensign. WTF? She sods off in a shuttle with the two rescued aliens. Ah, she's been possessed by the alien who died recently. Riight.

Political intrigue... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. The alien ambassador says Kes is deaded!

Evil!Kes takes over the planet. She almost does the lesbian kiss thing with wifey, but they're sadly interrupted. And now with the handcuffs... Kinky.

The alien planet looks Peladon-ish. Hard to believe that they have space travel.

Tuvok tries a cunning plan, but gets captured. Evil!Kes attacks him telepathically, but he mind-melds. Er, that didn't help.

Kes and the warlord have a confrontation in the dreamworld, and he gives the old Darth Vader "Join me and together we will rule" speech. That and the fact he keeps killing people with Kes' mental abilities is a little suspicious.

Voyager and co storm the compound and they kill off the warlord. Teh end.

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