Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Q and the Grey + Macrocosm

Oddly enough I have these two episodes on VHS somewhere.

The Q and the Grey: Q turns up asking to make babies with Janeway.

Nice opening shot of a supernova blowing up. Er, they probably shouldn't have the ship that close though.

Q only seems to appear in comedy episodes now. Shame, really.

Chakotay's jealous? tsk, that must be because of the many many instances of romance they haven't had.

Ah, the Talaxia holoprogram again... this replaces Tom's Paris holoprogram, I guess. Q asks Tom and Harry for advice on wooing Janeway. He ends up getting advice from Neelix instead, and gives Janeway a puppy. At which point femQ turns up and calls Janeway a dog.

Two more stars going supernova... Q kidnaps Janeway to the Continuum, where the Q are having a civil war. Q thinks human DNA will restore peace. Which part of human history is he basing that on?

FemQ bickers with Torres amusingly.

Q says the Q have already existed and never did the sex thing. That must be why they're so pissed off.

Janeway and Q get captured by the opposing Q who are going to put them to death. At which point the Voyager crew turn up with FemQ and stage a rescue. Amazingly during the firefight, no one is shot and/or killed. Q and FemQ have teh hot sexx0r and send the Voyager crew back. Then Q turns up with BabyQ and asks Janeway to be godmother. *facepalm*

Macrocosm: Janeway and Neelix return to the ship to find it drifting in space and the crew nowhere in sight.

Janeway says the escape pods are all in place... didn't the Kazon nick off with a bunch of them in part 2 of Basics?

Neelix's "good morning" program is set to auto-repeat until it's turned off, like a DVD menu. There's a scary thought, and possibly a useful torture device.

One of the creatures zipping around the ship grabs Neelix! Janeway kits up ALA Ripley, because this is a barely disguised Alien ripoff, which makes it a damn fine Voyager episode.

HoloDoc explains how he accidentally brought the macrovirus on board. Tsk.

This reminds me of one of the Star Trek games, actually.

Nice explosion. And so green. Er, what an odd postscript. Ah well!

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