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ST:V, Fair Trade - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-11-19 21:18
Subject: ST:V, Fair Trade
Security: Public
So far season 3 hasn't been so hot... Macrocosm is the best so far, and that was a blatent steal from Aliens.

Fair Trade: With Voyager about to leave the sphere of Neelix's knowledge, he tries to find a way to make himself useful.

Neelix-Tuvox-annoyance scene. Excellent. Neelix wants to go on security rounds. He's been getting up to speed on Federation protocols so he can be even more annoying. Excellent!!

Ah, Janeway's called him up to the bridge to tell him off. Or not. Ah, they're about to enter the "Necrid expanse". Zzzzzzz. Tuvok says it's too wide to go around.

They drop in to a supply station to get ripped off my merchants. Neelix runs into another Talaxian he knows. *snore* Neelix worries because he has no knowledge of space beyond the expanse and thinks he'll be chucked off the ship.

Neelix's friend wants his help delivering some medical supplies. Gosh, could Neelix's pal be up to something? Yup, that didn't go at all well. Drug smuggling! And Neelix used to drug smuggle. Tsk.

Unfortunately someone died, and federation phaser fire was detected, so now there's an investigation. Neelix is in it up to his nipples and upset about having to cover it up. His friend wants him to steal warp plasma from Voyager to pay his employers with.

Chakotay and Paris are arrested for the crime. Ooops!

Neelix and his friend come up with a plan to help the administrator of the station apprehend the drug trafficers. Neelix keeps pronouncing "plasma" weirdly. "plah-smah". WTF? Woo! plasma explosion!

Neelix ends up in Sickbay and gets chewed out by Janeway.
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