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ST:V, Alter Ego - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-11-20 22:46
Subject: ST:V, Alter Ego
Security: Public
Bring on the Borg already!

Alter Ego: Kim fancies a holodeck character who fancies Tuvok.

Ooo, look, they're teasing Tuvok about his lack of emotion again. Kim wants to learn to suppress his emotions because he's fallen in love with a holodeck character named Marayna. Gee, he forgot his girlfriend back on Earth quick.

"Vulcans do not hydrosail."

Tuvok analyses Kim's behavior regarding the holocharacter. Surely the simple solution is just delete the holocharacter? Feh.

Meanwhile the nebula Voyager is hanging around does shiny things.

Hmm, Paris and Torres hanging around together... Paris attempts to talk sense into Kim... Tuvok turns up at the luau in uniform, of course. Marayna starts psychoanalysing Tuvok. Kim catches Tuvok hanging around with Marayna. Catfight!

Tuvok finds Marayna in his cabin, having downloaded herself to the HoloDoc's mobile emitter. She has control of the ship! Gratuitous reference to TNG! Kim studied the incident with Moriaty at the academy.

They find out Marayna is being controlled by a woman on a hidden ship. Tuvok beams over there and tells her to get a life. Teh end.
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