Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Coda

Coda: After a shuttle crash, Janeway begins to experience time loops.

There's one of the older-style shuttles again... Neelix is organising talent shows now? Janeway suggests Chakotay attempt to phaser an apple off her head, to which the reply is "Sounds good to me - if I miss, I get to be captain."

Shuttle crash! Janeway dead, but Chakotay resuccitates her. Chaks thinks they were shot down by Vidiians, then they're attacked by a group of them... and then suddenly they're back in the shuttle.

I keep getting distracted by Chakotay's extra-white teeth.

Joy! an annoying time-loop episode. Have you tried waggling his tail? But no, this is Voyager, so they release a tachyon pulse. (what? they just happen to have a supply of tachyons lying around?)

Hey, some nice "OMG SHE DED!" acting from Robert Beltran.

Only one problem - Janeway lying dead in sickbay is breathing, even after HoloDoc pronounces her dead. Real Janeway is wandering around as a ghost though, and sees ghost of her dad. Note: backstory of her dad's death is detailed in one of the Voyager novels. GhostDad tries to convince her she's dead, but Janeway's still optimistic the Voyager crew will contact her. They end up having a memorial instead. A very informal memorial, by the looks.

And it turns out there's an alien in Janeway's brain, making her hallucinate. Janeway tells him to fuck right off and comes back to life on the planet. Teh end.

Regarding Alter Ego, which I watched last night:
If the alien woman hacked into the Voyager computer a few days ago, how is she acting as a hydrosail instructor??

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