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ST:V, Blood Fever - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-11-21 21:06
Subject: ST:V, Blood Fever
Security: Public
Blood Fever: A Vulcan crew member begins to undergo Pon Farr and, via a telepathic link, passes it on to Torres.

Yo! Vulcan ensign Vorik proposes to Torres, and then gets violent when she turns him down. He is doing teh Pon Farr thing.

How can Vorik be going through his first pon farr? He's obviously older than 7 years old, and young Spock in Search for Spock experienced it.

Torres, Paris and Neelix pop down to do some spelunking and grab some ore. Torres gets hostile and bites Tom. Tuvok says Vorik infected her with teh Pon Farr. Vulcans apparently don't talk about Pon Farr much.

Ooops, there's still aliens down there.

HoloDoc turns pimp and sets Vorik up with a holographic Vulcan chick.

Tom: "This isn't about the gun, this is about sex!" duh.

Hmm, Tuvok has an artificial elbow?

Torres tries to do sex with Paris, but he plays hard to get.

HoloDoc's getting just a mite too interested in mating practices now.

Tuvok tells Paris he has to have teh sex with Torres or she's going to die. Then Vorik turns up and challenges Paris to a fight. I thought HoloDoc's treatment worked. WTF?

Vorik and Torres fight. Whoever's doing the incidental music fails to provide the correct soundtrack.

Now Tom and Torres have the uncomfortable morning after conversation without having the sex.

Chakotay finds a dead Borg, signalling *dun dun duuuuuun* the impending reaching of Borg space.
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