Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Unity

At the start of the 70s, Doctor Who was very Unity.

Unity: While on a shuttle mission, Chakotay and Ensign Kaplan receive a Federation distress message which leads them to a small colony.

Chakotay and Ensign Kaplan have been exploring the Necrid Expanse. But wait, Voyager reached the Necrid Expanse in Fair Trade, four episodes ago. Oh, they're still flying through it.

And Voyager runs across a Borg cube, but luckily it's dead, as are all the Borg on board.

Chakotay's a vegetarian, hmm? That woman seems awfully keen to keep him there.

He discovers the colony's dark sekrit - they're all ex-Borg! Wait, how can she be from Wolf 359? The only Borg cube from that incident was destroyed.

HoloDoc accidentally reactivates a Borg drone, which raises the possibility that the Borg on the cube might come back to life.

The ex-Borg make a LAN with their brains to heal Chakotay. Then he and the female ex-borg dun sex.

Some othe ex-borg want to re-establish a planet-wide WAN and link everyone back up to stop the fighting. Janeway says that would be a really bad idea, so they drop off some supplies and prepare to sod off. However the ex-Borg re-establish the link with Chakotay and get him to go to the Borg cube and reactivate it in order to set up the WAN. This also reactivates the Borg on the cube, which promptly self-destructs.

Now that was a pretty good episode.

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