Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Rise

In Darkling, Chakotay and Tuvok tell Janeway that it appears from their scans that the HoloDoc is the culpret in an attempted murder. Instead of saying "OMG!WTF? Check it again", she immediately shows concern for Kes' wellbeing. Hmmmmm...

Also, what happens to the crew member in the transporter room who HoloDoc phasers. Shortly after he fiddles with the phaser and tells Kes it's set to kill, so presumibly it was only on stun before, but his fate's never mentioned. When HoloDoc and Kes are beamed up, Kim and a female crew member are operating the transporter...

anyway, on with Rise, in which Voyager mounts a rescue mission when a world is threatened with asteroid impacts.

What a frelling fake-looking asteroid. They can do better than that! They use a photon torpedo to blow it up, but a couple of bits impact in a desert. Apparently the asteroids are made of artificial materials though, so that explains why it looked fake - it *was* fake.

HoloDoc tells Neelix to restrain his enthusiasm at being picked for the rescue mission. Some chance.

Tuvok and Neelix end up on the shuttle together. OTP! It crashes but they find the doctor they came to rescue anyway. The shuttle is busted beyond repair, causing the aliens to get stressed. Tuvok tells them to mellow.

Neelix comes up with a stunningly brilliant plan to use an orbital teather the aliens have lying around to get high enough to contact Voyager and get a beamout. Unsurprisingly, Tuvok is speechless.

Chakotay and Torres find a piece of control system in the asteroid fragment.

Neelix wants to name the carriage they're going to use to climb the teather. Freak. Tuvok tells him off for slacking.

And off they go... and Neelix reveals his knowledge of maglev carriages is limited to scale models. Tuvok would facepalm right about now if he was human. Tuvok says his lungs are capible of operating in a very thin atmosphere. Wanker.

Neelix finally snaps and goes off at Tuvok for being condescending. Tuvok goes out on the roof on Neelix's hunch to check out what's up there and ends up fighting with one of the aliens.

Janeway confronts another bunch of aliens who've just turned up on a starship.

More messing around on the maglev carriage... All sorted, and Neelix explains the plotty parts of the episode.

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