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ST:V, Favorite Son - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-11-30 20:54
Subject: ST:V, Favorite Son
Security: Public
Favorite Son: Harry begins experiencing extreme deja vu and initiates an attack on an apparently non-hostile ship.

It's finally happened: Harry Kim has snapped. Had to happen sooner or later, I suppose...

Now he's mutating. Maybe he'll become a salamander. It turns out the other ship *was* going to fire first after all...

And they meet up with another bunch of aliens who claim Kim is one of them. Their story, however, sounds like rubbish. Why would they seed an embryo on a planet so far from their own, with little likelihood he'd be able to get back to their homeworld?

With a population of 90% women, how are they going to prise Harry away? No, wait, this is Harry, they can just show him some cool piece of technology and club him while he's distracted.

How did the first lot of aliens know Harry was one of the second lot in order to fire on Voyager?

They do a ceremony for the other bloke on the planet and he gets tied up and goes into the next room for the sexings. Because kinky bondage sex has no place on screen in Trek.

HoloDoc is in full smug mode right now, explaining how Harry was infected with the DNA.

Harry announces he doesn't want to stay on the planet and make teh babies. He ties up one of the women and hits the other one with a vase. That Harry, he has a way with the women. Then he goes and finds his friend who has been sucked dry from the sexings.

The women turn up with sticks and beat Harry around. Voyager beams Harry up and they get the frell out of there.

So lets sum up - Harry is lured to a planet stocked with women who want to mate with him and suck out his life essences. Actually, add gratuitous nudity, sex and Stanley Tweedle, and you'd have a Lexx script.
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