Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Before and After

Before and After: Reality goes Slaughterhouse Five on Kes as she begins to experience glimpses of her life backwards.

HoloDoc with a toupee! Kes has kids in the future... All of the future reality in this episode, is, of course, screwed by the fact that Jennifer Lien was kicked off in favour of Seven of Nine.

"Doctor Van Gogh" Ha!

Ha! I knew I recognised Kes' daughter. Jessica Collins was also Eliza Dushku's sister in Tru Calling.

Wait, in the future, everyone remembers the Year of Hell... but at the end of that episode (Which is in season 4, ISTR) they pressed a huge-arse reset button. Which is just as well, as Tom says Janeway and Torres both died during it.

You can be innoculated against chronoton radiation?? OK, they think the backwards-jumping is caused because Kes was exposed to a chronoton missile during the Year of Hell, and then put in the HoloDoc's temporal chamber... but she left Voyager before that happened, so therefore this episode never took place. Tilt!

Ewww, icky birth scene.

And now she's back to "present time". Torres comes up with a plan to zap Kes with anti-chronoton particles.

Er, BabyKes appears to have human ears.

And she gets zapped back to "now" where she retains the long-haired look. That wasn't a bad ep...

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