Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Real Life + Distant Origin

Real Life: HoloDoc attempts to gain a family life while some other irrelavant B-plot stuff happens.

Oh yes, this is the "HoloDoc gets a virtual family" ep. Gah, how Brady Bunch.

The space station Voyager was heading for has been destroyed...

HoloDoc invites Torres and Kes to dinner. "Kenneth"? Hahahahaha! Torres is about to spew by the looks. she tells him off because the family is too perfect.

Meanwhile, in the B plot, a subspace explosion briefly appears and damages Voyager.

Torres tweaks the virtual family. Kes warns him this could lead to a few surprises. As it does.

Now for some plot-irrelevant Tom/B'Elanna interaction. Torres is reading Klingon romance novels. Tom wants to fly a shuttle into the particle wake to get better readings.

HoloDoc tries some self-therapy with his family. This does not go well.

Tom flies into the wake, but another eddy appears and eats the shuttle.

HoloDoc goes "home" early and finds HoloSon and two Klingons playing games with knives. HD kicks the Klingons out and chews out his son, who now wants to run away from home and become a Klingon. Meanwhile HoloDaughter hits her head, and commences dying, at which point HoloDoc shuts off the program.

Tom flies back through an eddy back into normal space and they beam the shuttle aboard before it breaks up. HoloDoc tells him off for hitting his head ala HoloDaughter, and then confesses he shut down the program because he couldn't face it. Tom gives him a "You're missing the point" speech and he goes and restarts the program. HoloDaughter is ded. Teh end.

The B plot was a huuuuuuuuuge waste of time. The A plot was quite good.

Distant Origin: A Voth scientist pursues a theory his species originated from a distant planet.

Hey, look, dinosaurs digging up human bones. There's a switch. Well, they're Voth, but as will be revealed later... They appear to have found some remains of a Voyager crewmember. This would appear to be the crew member who got eaten in Basics Part II.

The other Voth are a bit skeptical. The audience is getting restless.

The Voth scientist traces Voyager's journey and eventually catches up using Transwarp. They get on board and roam around using cloaking devices. Oh, this is bad.

Harry detects the Voth and the scientist kidnaps Chakotay while his assistant is left on Voyager.

HoloDoc discovers the Voth evolved on Earth, from the Hadrosaur.

The Voth mothership turns up and teleports Voyager inside it and disables every piece of technology on it. That's just rude. Just as well they didn't switch off the anti-matter containment field.

How does Chakotay know about the genetic markers in Voyager's database? He wasn't on the ship when Janeway and HoloDoc discussed it, and doesn't seem to have spoken to anyone from the ship since!

The scientist's assistant announces he thinks the theory was wrong. Chakotay gives the "Change is good" speech. The Voth-in-charge decides to sentence the scientist and Voyager crew to a penal colony, at which point the scientist says he'll retract his claims.

Chakotay gives the scientst Voth a parting gift of a model globe of Earth. Teh end.

That one was blah.

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