Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Displaced

Displaced: Voyager crewmembers begin disappearing, while members of an alien race begin appearing on board.

Tom and Torres are hanging around again. Torres doesn't like the Klingon stuff much. Then a random bloke materialises in the corridor near them, and the credits start.

Ooops, they lost Janeway. Surely if it's a wormhole, it'd be sending some of the aliens back. It should be obvious it's not random. And just as Torres figures it out, she's snatched.

The Nirians storm the ship. As Federation security protocols are shite, they don't have a lot of problems. Chakotay and the other remaining crew member set about sabotaging stuff. Why don't the Nirians just grab whoever's left at this point? I guess their transporter system can only transport one every nine minutes or so.

Chakotay rescues HoloDoc before he's snatched. Gad, those Nirians are irritating. Tuvok establishes that the prison environment they're in is holographic. A fellow prisoner turns up and offers bartering. Janeway barters for information.

Tuvok's already setting about rigging a weapon. He da Vulcan. HoloDoc locates an exit and they begin roaming the place and finding different habitats. Tuvok bypasses the alien security codes. Even aliens have shite security protocols!

Tom and B's phaser is running low on power... why don't they steal the alien's weapons??

Janeway and Tuvok take control of the alien translocator and sort the whole mess out in about 5 minutes. Teh end.

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