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ST:V, Scorpion, Part I - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2004-12-06 21:08
Subject: ST:V, Scorpion, Part I
Security: Public
Scorpion, Part I: Voyager prepares to enter the domain of the Borg.

Nice opening Borg-getting-dorked-on shot.

Ahhh, John Rhys-Davies as HoloDa Vinci! And Voyager's probe has been intercepted by the Borg. Fortunately the probe has detected a narrow corridor through Borg space which may be safe to traverse. The crew set about developing anti-Borg measures.

Way! and 15 Borg cubes sweep straight past Voyager. Chakotay pep-talks Janeway. Her Picard impression wasn't that good, really.

They find the 15 Borg cubes, destroyed.

Hmm, how do the Borg handle the fact that different life forms may need different atmospheres to survive? They'd just replace the lungs, I guess...

Pile 'o Borg! Chakotay and Tuvok enter the organic ship which destroyed the cubes and take a look around. Then they're attacked by the CGI critter before Voyager manages to beam them out.

Harry has things growing on him! HoloDoc is modifying Borg nanoprobes to attack the alien cells. Unfortunately the passage they've found is crawling with Species 8472 ships.

Janeway decides they need to make a deal with the Borg. Chakotay brings up the Scorpion parable. They argue for a while. Janeway says "I'm Captain, so nyah"

The negotiations hit a snag when Species 8472 turn up and nuke a nearby Borg planet. To Be Continued.
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