Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Gift

The Gift: While the HoloDoc tries to help Seven, Kes begins to evolve into a higher life form.

I wonder if all the Borg sets Voyager has are recycled from TNG. Probably, eh?

Voyager is apparently past Borg space already. That was quick! Seven wants to go back because she misses her Borg pals.

Kes can now levitate objects. Cooooool. She must be a mutant. HoloDoc sets about removing Borg implants but has an ethical dilemma about whether to continue. Janeway says "Screw her wishes, go ahead!"

Kes uses her new 1337 SK1LLZ to remove a Borg implant.

Seven wakes up and is pissed off that they've been taking bits out. Janeway puts her to work helping Torres get the Borg crap off the ship. Ever the diplomat.

Meanwhile, Tuvok helps Kes master her new powers.

Kim tries to chat up Seven. "So what's it like out there in galactic cluster three?" "Beyond your comprehension". Smoooooth. Then she belts him and tries to access the subspace communicator. Kes zaps her.

Seven is still pissed off at Janeway. Surprise surprise.

Neelix/Kes scene. *yawn* Kes goes Matrix and zaps Neelix. HoloDoc says her powers are becoming a risk to her and the ship.

Janeway and Seven fight again.

Kes tells Janeway she's decided she's going to leave the ship. Janeway tearfully asks her to stay, but Kes starts de-stabilising, so they rush her to the shuttle bay. Tuvok gives her a quick mind-meld on the way to help.

Kes turns into pure energy, taking the shuttle with her and whacking Voyager 9 and a half thousand light years closer to Earth.

And finally, unborged!Seven.

Nice zoom-out from Tuvok's room!

Teh End

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