Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Day of Honor

Day of Honor: Torres attempts to deal with a Klingon holy day, Seven attempts to make Voyager go transwarp with disasterous results, and a bunch of aliens act like ungrateful dicks.

Seven requests a duty assignment from Chakotay. Oh, look, first Paris/Torres scene of the season. Torres is grumpy. No change there then. Chakotay assigns Seven to engineering which doesn't help either. Vulcan engisn Vorik is still in engineering, I see.

Voyager encounters another spaceship which tells a story of woe of their planet being assimilated by the Borg. Enthralling. This is merely so Torres can hassle Seven over being a Borg.

Neelix presents Torres with blood pie, because it's the Day of Honor. The Klingons spell like Americans, I guess. :) Neelix attempts to apply psychology to Torres and offers to be her punching bag as stress relief. Brave man. Blood pie... That sounds appetising.

Torres decides to go through the Klingon ritual. On the holodeck. Doesn't that make it invalid somehow? Hmm, that Klingon has nice hair. I wonder what brand of conditioner Klingons use. After hearing what the ceremony entails, Torres opts out, but not before having to deck the Klingon with the nice hair.

Paris give her the "You're a Klingon, suck it up" pep talk. Torres tells him to go swivel.

The aliens attempt to lay a guilt trip on Janeway, despite her already offering to give them food and medicine.

One of them spots Seven and goes ape-shit. Splendid!

They try to engineer transwarp using Seven's knowledge, but get a tachyon leak and they have to eject the warp core.

Torres: "We've dumped the core". GPF!

Paris and Torres go in a shuttle to retrieve the warp core. The aliens are already trying to nick off with it and destroy the shuttle in the process, but Torres and Paris survive drifting in space in space suits.

Paris is letting Torres play with his controls! Filth!

Janeway interrogates Seven re the tachyon leak.

Paris and Torres float in space some more. Even the space suit computers sound like Majel Roddenberry.

The aliens return to Voyager and threaten the ship unless they hand over more food, more thorium, and Seven.

Paris and Torres float in space some more and have Character Moments. Then they attempt to snog through the helmets.

Seven creates a device which replicates thorium which makes the aliens happy and they sod off.

Paris and Torres float in space some more and run out of oxygen while having more Character Moments. Hey, this is like the Enterprise ep with Reed and Trip in the shuttlepod, except neither of them professed their love for the other. Anyway, just before they die, Voyager turns up and beams them aboard, Teh endzorz.

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