Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Nemesis

Nemesis: Chakotay crashes on a planet and encounters a group of soldiers fighting a savage enemy.

Random people with guns walking through jungle... oh, they caught Chakotay. Lucky them. Aaaaand roll titles.

Oh, they let him go again. Chakotay appears to have lost another shuttle. That's three gone in as many episodes.

Oh, I think I remember this one. They're mind controlled to see the enemy Kradin as monsters. The acting of the guest actors is undercut somewhat by the dumbass lines they're given. "Now close your glimpses, my brothers, and dream of your sisters and mothers." WTF? They use silly terms like "nullify" and "sphere" instead of "kill" and "planet". This completely undercuts any atmosphere they build up, because you're instantly distracted by the odd speech mannerisms.

One of the soldiers looks a bit like Keanu Reeves. Chakotay and one of the other soldiers are jumped by a couple of the Kradin and the soldier is killed. This acts as a catalyst for Chakotay to be inducted into the wee army.

So, er, how does the drug or whatever know to only affect the appearance of the Kradin and not the rest of your squad? The soliders see Chakotay as normal, but later when Tuvok turns up, Chakotay sees him as an alien.

"I was told to drill you, Chakotay, but it was you who drilled me." Ohhhhhhh.

*waits for some plot to happen* oops, Chakotay got shot.

Meanwhile, Voyager has come looking for Chakotay. They can't use the sensors because of atmospheric radiation from weapons fire. So no help there then.

Chakotay ends up in a settlement, which is attacked and destroyed by the Kradin and Chakotay captured. The Kradin start taking people away to an "extermination camp", and Chakotay is knocked unconscious trying to stop them.

Chakotay is rescued by Keanu who tells him all the people were marched away. Cue more scenes of fighting.

Tuvok turns up and looks to Chakotay like a Kradin. Tuvok tells him he's been brainwashed, everthing he's experienced up to his last battle was a simulation, and shows him the settlement... which is full of the same people as before.

They take Chaks back to Voyager, but he's unable to talk to the Kradin ambassador 'cause of his brain washing. "I wish it was as easy to stop hating as it was to start."


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