Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Raven

The Raven: Seven starts hallucinating and has a bad reaction to Neelix's cooking. The latter is not a huge surprise.

Janeway attempts to get Seven interested in sculpting. Janeway suggests she could create a holodeck program. Seven hallucinates a raven and Borg.

Jeri Taylor nicked the idea of Seven hallucinating ravens for her novel Seven of Nine...

Janeway organises passage through the Bomar territory. The Bomar want Voyager to take a bizarre course and stick to warp 3.

Seven is going to subject herself to Neelix's cooking. She informs him while it's cooking that a Talaxian ship was assimilated once. He instructs her on eating. The food makes her hallucinate Borg and break out in implants, then deck Neelix. That's actually one of his less violent reactions.

She sods off to the armory and grabs a gun. Yay! she's going to shoot Neelix! Nope, she just steals a shuttle, making a hole in the shuttlebay doors as she flies through.

The Bomar tell Janeway they'll destroy the shuttle and Voyager is no longer allowed in their space.

Torres find a data node in Seven's alcove and Kim goes to translate it. Janeway and Chakotay discuss whether Seven is going to rejoin the collective. They are 10,000 light years from Borg space. HoloDoc develops something or other to supress Seven when they catch up with her.

Tuvok and Paris take a shuttle to find Seven. A fleet of Bomar ships locate Seven, but she gets past them easily.

Tuvok beans aboard her shuttle, but she nerve-pinches him and she attacks and disables Paris' shuttle. Tuvok attempts to reason with her, but she's convinced she must rejoin the Borg.

Janeway realises what the raven in Seven's hallucinations means and sets a course.

Seven and Tuvok beam down to a moon and find a crashed and partially assimilated Federation ship. It's the Raven, the ship she was on with her parents when they were grabbed by the Borg and assimilated. The bomar bomb the Raven from orbit until Voyager shows up and Paris beams up Tuvok and Seven. Then they get the hell out of dodge.

They don't say what happened to the shuttle Seven stole, so presumibly that one's lost as well.

Janeway suggests Seven could read up on her parents from the data banks. Teh enid.

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