Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

It rubs the lotion on its skin...

It started with a discussion of the whole Klingon forehead bump thing and then segued into an Enterprise discussion...

[18:14] <Sorta_Jane> yeah, maybe if they had actual
good scripts instead of slumming with smearing lotion
on the actors to try to get ratings
[18:14] <RustyShock> Or Vulcan chicks wearing Seven's
[18:15] <TimJR> smearing lotion?
[18:16] <Alden> Tim: in decontamination
[18:18] <Sorta_Jane> "captain we have to smear this
shiny, oozy, lotion all over ourselves. In case we
have space germs." "Oh if we must." "But we have to
be naked. teehee!" "Space is such a cold empty
place, but we have our duty." "Hee! Okay, you do me
and then I'll do you!" "The heavy responcibilities
of an officer. Good thing I have a dog."
[18:19] <TimJR> ...the hell?
[18:19] <RustyShock> Actual dialogue from "Star Trek:
[18:20] <Drake> "I'm rubbing you Trip in a manly way.."
"Thankyou Captain"
[18:20] <Sorta_Jane> :)
[18:20] <TimJR> Dear. Heavenly. Shite.
[18:20] <TimJR> I'm suddenly glad i never watched Trek
post the DS9 finale :-D
[18:22] <Sorta_Jane> "We have to leave the ship again,
sir." "If we must." "Maybe...we should decontaminate
before we go? In case we're carrying space germs."
"You're the scientist." "YES! I mean...yes, sir.
Yes I am. Scientist. That's me. Hold my robe!"
[18:23] * Drake stops rude comments
[18:23] <Sorta_Jane> "Damnit! Captain, it's MY turn to
decontaminate the vulcan!" "Now now. There's plenty
of lotion for everyone."
[18:24] * SteveBreon hates having to write pointless
[18:24] <Drake> "I want to probe your mind T'Pau".."That
's not my mind your probing Captain"
[18:24] <TimJR> you prefer programs with sharp points
you can poke an eye out on?
[18:24] <Drake> Steve that's what the writers of
Enterprise always said
[18:26] <Sorta_Jane> "Sir there's something shooting at
us." "Uh huh." "Sir, shouldn't we do something
about it?" "Mmm. Yeah, we should." "Sir..are you
decontaminating?" "Mmm. Mmm space germs...get
everywhere. Have to...stay"
"You notice how all the captains start talking like
[18:29] <Drake> "I have a germ of an idea...HEY! will
you stop rubbing me!"
[18:32] <Sorta_Jane> "Damnit! The engines are down,
life support is failing and radiation is flooding the
ship! Where's the crew?" "T'Pau sneezed." "Out of
my way! My crew is in danger! Where's my lotion!"
[18:35] <Sorta_Jane> "Meeage to earth. Food supply
almost gone. Water rationing will not last. Oxygen
supply low. Need more lotion immediatly!"
[18:35] <Sorta_Jane> "the chaffing! oooo the chaffing!"
[18:38] <Drake> "and a rub dub dub..."
[18:40] <Drake> "T'pau..did i ever tell you i was part
[18:41] <Sorta_Jane> "Are humans always"
"Damnit! I /told/ that andorian lotion wouldn't
[18:41] <Sorta_Jane> "It's not something we discuss
with outsiders." "Except the cute ones." "Hush."
[18:43] <Sorta_Jane> See? we could have written the

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