Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Scientific Method

Scientific Method: When odd things start happening to the crew, they discover invisible aliens are conducting experiments on them.

Seven's reconfiguring the power couplings to supply more power to astrometrics, much to Torres' annoyance. OK, what's Paris up to? Oh, he's giving Torres flowers. They do teh sex now? Oh, someone is spying on them with X-ray vision.

Shouldn't the pre-credits sequence be... I dunno... interesting or something? So far we've have Torres lecturing Seven, and Paris sneaking around so he can be romantic with Torres.

And now HoloDoc giving Janways a massage while she complains about having headaches. Janeway almost heads for the bridge dressed only in a towel. Oh, I remember this one now, it's the one with the cloaked aliens doing experiments.

Paris and Torres sneak to upper engineering for a snogging match, whuch Tuvok walks in on. Cue Paris and Torres being furtive and stuff.

Voyager is monitoring a couple of pulsars. After the meeting, Janeway chews Paris and Torres out for their public displays of affection.

Chakotay starts aging at an extreme rate. The makeup makes him look more like an alien.

Neelix comes down with something and becomes hyperspotty and smelly. HoloDoc says both of them have had their DNA stimulated. Chakotay and Neelix compare ailments.

HoloDoc looks at CGI scans of DNA and finds alien writing on everyone's DNA. Someone attempts to delete HoloDoc and knocks out Torres. HoloDoc hides himself in the da Vinci simulation and contacts Seven.

That's not really a very good sketch HoloDoc is doing... He modifies Seven's visual cortex so she can see the aliens and she wanders around the ship.

Tuvok made a joke! *gasp!*

HoloDoc says a shock would override the alien's constol and make them visible. Seven says she'll modify the energy conduits to do it. Tuvok tries to stop her, but she zaps one of the aliens and makes it visible. The alien says they are doing medical research. Janeway gets to be self righteous. The aliens says they may terminate the experiment and crew.

One of the crew members dies. Janeway steers the ship towards the pulsars and plays chicken. The aliens attempt to escape but one of their ships is destroyed. Voyager gets through the pulsars dramatically.

Paris and Torres attempt to enjoy a dinner and discuss the idea their relationship might have been one of the aliens' experiments. JUST SHAG ALREADY!

Teh end.

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