Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Year of Hell Pt 1

Year of Hell, Pt 1: Temporal changes wildly affect the region Voyager is passing through, causing them to come under attack from the Krenim.

Hey, look, it's that dude from That 70s Show. Busily erasing some specied from the time line.

Meanwhile on Voyager, they're unveiling the new astrometrics setlab. The HoloDoc's prefared a speech. Flee! Fortunately just when it looks like they're about to have a clips show, the ship is attacked. Yay for attacking ships!

Janeway talks to a representitive from the Zahl. Shouldn't the name "Krenim" raise alarm bells, seeing as Kes warned everyone about them in Before and After? A temporal shockwave appears, wiping out the Zahl ships and upgrading the Krenim vessel. Voyager gets dorked on and beats a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile, on the Krenim temporal ship, they argue over whether the restoration of their empire is complete enough.

Voyager gets dorked on more but manages to destroy a Krenim ship. Again, no one seems to remember Before and After. Chakotay suggests abandoning ship and making their way across Krenim space in shuttles and life pods (do life pods have that sort of range?).

And Kim and Torres stuck in a turbolift playing trivia games until Seven breaks them out. Gratuitous reference to First Contact! Uh oh, Paris is working on a system based on the Titanic.

Seven finds a Krenim chronoton missile stuck in a jefferies tube, mirroring a scene in Before and After, but still no one draws the connection. The torpedo explodes, blindnig Tuvok (only blinding? WTF? he should be dead!) Seven manages to rig up some "temporal shields" which successfully block the Krenim torpedoes.

Meanwhile the Krenim temporal ship wipes out another species. The shockwave doesn't affect Voyager but shrinks the Krenim warship back to a wee craft. Janeway and Seven investigate the changes and discover someone's changing history. The temporal ship shows up to ask "WTF, mates?" They nick Chakotay and Paris.

The temporal ship attempts to erase Voyager. Janeway takes the ship to Warp 7, which damages the ship severely. She orders the crew (barring senior staff) to abandon ship in the life pods.


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