Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Year of Hell Pt 2

Year of Hell Pt 2: With Voyager heavily damaged and most of the crew gone, Janeway looks for the reset button.

Voyager is hiding in a "Class 9" nebula. Considering they keep jumping for 10s of days at a time, there's plenty of space in there for fanfic.

That 70s Dude has Chakotay and Paris to dinner. Janeway is pissed the repairs are taking so long and decides to leave the nebula. Hrm, parts of the Temporal Ship sorta resemble Babylon 5.

Chakotay and That 70s Dude attempt to work out a way to alter history without erasing anyone. T7D imparts how he original used the weapon to erase the Krenim's greatest enemy, only to cause a plague among his own people. Doncha just hate when that happens?

Janeway almost dies fixing the deflector. HoloDoc says Janeway has post-traumatic stress disorder and unsuccessfully attempts to relieve her of duty.

Chakotay and Paris come to blows over whether to mutany or not. T7D erases another species. Paris sends a message to Janeway, who has allied with a number of local races and makes off to attack the temporal weapon ship.

[cue huge-ass battle]

Janeway rams Voyager into the temporal ship, pressing a huge-ass reset button, causing all of the viewers to feel cheated. Teh end.

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