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ST:V, Random Thoughts - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-02-28 19:56
Subject: ST:V, Random Thoughts
Security: Public
Random Thoughts: While on a planet of telepaths, one of Torres' violent thoughts gets loose.

the Voyager crew is hanging out on the planet of the Mari. Paris is sniffing Neelix a little too vigorously there... Neelix wants to start dating and asks Tom for advice. I suggest using a net and possibly some tranquiliser darts when they try to run away. The Mari are telepaths. Despite this, Neelix appears to be getting action.

One of the Mari starts beating up another one. I blame violent computer games myself.

The Mari Nimira is bemused by the concept of locking someone up when they've done someone wrong. She questions Janeway, Torres and Neelix about the attack and ends up arresting Torres for thinking about violence. The punishment is apparently a memory lobotomy.

Paris wants to break her out. Chakotay tells him to work out a non-violent rescue plan. Janeway and Tuvok review the evidence.

Neelix and Seven have a debate about Voyager's mission. Then an old woman kills the Mari Neelix fancies. Nimira says the Torres' thought cause the same attacked but is puzzled as to how the thought was still roaming free.

Tuvok mind-melds with Torres and works out the trader Torres and Janeway were dealing with might be a suspect. Said trader is creepy. They spend more time talking about Tuvok's suppressed violent thoughts than anything else. Tuvok offers to trade violent thoughts, then attempts to arrest the trader and gets beaten up but some Mari.

Nimira and co start the engram purge on Torres.

Tuvok mind-melds with the trader and beats the crap out of him mentally. They stop the engramatic treatment so Tuvok can tell Nimira about the whole violent thought trading ring.

Seven points out to Janeway that stopping by every planet and exploring and so forth is slowing down their trip home. Janeway points out that's how they learn things. Alden wonders why this bit has been tacked on the end.
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