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ST:V, Concerning Flight - abates
Brilliant but slightly odd but very nice

Alden Bates
Date: 2005-03-03 21:12
Subject: ST:V, Concerning Flight
Security: Public
Concerning Flight: Aliens steal bits of Voyager.

Yay! John Rhys-Davies! Leonardo just found his aeroplane design had a few glitches. Janeway gives him a pep talk, but he wants to get drunk instead. And hang around with Elves, I shoudn't think.

Voyager is attacked and various pieces of machinery and devices transported right off the ship. Including the main computer core and the HoloDoc's mobile emitter.

They track the stolen goods to a commerce planet and go looking. Tuvok and Janeway encounter the Da Vinci hologram roaming free with the mobile emitter.

Oooh, look, Leo's got a Dalek time controller in his lab.

Are they sure they've got enough variation of aliens? Sheesh. Tuvok makes small talk with Leo. Janeway talks with the chap who stole stuff from Voyager and finds he has the computer core. Woot! gratuitous reference to Kirk! When did Kirk meet Da Vinci? Oh, wait, the immortal fellow in... um... Requiem for Methuselah mabye?

HoloDoc and Seven talk about life outside sick bay. Seven and Torres had an altercation. Sadly, the cat fight was not shown onscreen.

The alien discovers that Janeway's captain of Voyager and takes her prisoner until Leo hits him with something heavy. Leo wants to stay on the planet, but Janeway pep talks him again.

Janeway and Leo stage a commando raid on the place containing the computer core. Leo is shot, but being a hologram, it passes straight through, disturbing him greatly. They make their escape via a site-to-site transporter, which disturbs him even more.

Chakotay: Ready for some fancy flying?
Paris: You bet!

Said fancy flying consists of a few shots of the bridge and an external shot with Voyager practically stationary.

Ah, Leo's invented the glider. They fly along for a bit before Voyager beams them up.

And back to Leo's workshop, where Leo is planning to go to France. I think that's the last we see of him...
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