Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Mortal Coil

Mortal Coil: Neelix dies. Seven brings him back to life and he is disturbed by the experience.

Voyager is approaching a nebula with "protomatter" in it.

Ah! First appearance by Naomi Wildman (aside from when she was a baby, and a rare appearance from her mum. Neelix has a friendship with the kid already. Seven calls Neelix a "peculiar creature". Seven says Kazon are unsuitable for assimilation (but Klingons are?!) Paris wants Neelix to cook a pizza. WTF? The pair are on a shuttle mission with Chakotay to colelct protomatter. Neelix just got zapped. And he's dead! Cue titles.

Paris says Neelix can't be saved, he DED, the end. Back in sick bay, HoloDoc says he DED, the end, also. Neelix has been dead 18 hours, he GONE! Seven stalks in and brings him back from the dead. Well, not just like that. It takes, oooo, a good three minutes and injecting him with Borg nanoprobes.

Neelix wants to return to duties straight away. Janeway suggests he takes it easy since he's just spent the last 18 hours as a corpse. Seven and Tuvok have a discussion on death.

Chakotay and Neelix run a holosimulation of the shuttle accident. Neelix is disturbed by holoNeelixcorpse and tells Chakotay he didn't go to Talaxian heaven and doesn't remember anything from his death. Neelix is now in morbid mode.

The Voyager crew starts celebrating a Talaxian celebration of some sort. Seven attempts social interaction with disasterous results.

Neelix bitches at Seven about bringing him back from the dead, then starts turning into a zombie. His body is attempting to reject the nanoprobes. After a fix, Neelix asks Chakotay to take him on a vision quest.

Neelix sees his dead sister and talks to himself. Hey, look, Torres got a line finally. They made her up for one line? Later he apologises to Seven and records a suicide note. His attempt to transport himself into the nebula is, fortunately, thwarted from the bridge. Chakotay and Ensign Wildman talk him out of suicide. He tucks Naomi in. The End.

Today we learned that realising your faith is a sham is no reason to off yourself.

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