Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Waking Moments

Waking Moments: Aliens invade the dreams of the Voyager crew.

Janeway, Paris, Tuvok and Kim all have odd dreams where some alien dude appears. All wake up screaming, except for Kim who is too busy snogging dreamSeven to bother.

Torres turns up looking for Paris as he missed breakfast with her. They plan holodeck programs. They're still using terms like "Friday" even on a starship.

Neelix had nightmares too, as did Chakotay. Janeway hears the nightmare storise and decides it's more than a coincidence. She hears about Tuvok's dream and goes into smirk mode. They find Kim still asleep and unable to be woken. Probably having hot Borg sex.

HoloDoc is unable to awaken him or a number of other comatose crewmembers. He suggests avoiding going to sleep.

They identikit the alien from the dreams, but are unable to identify his species. Chakotay wants to do lucid dreaming so he can communicate with the alien. He does so and ends up getting into a fight with the alien, which tells him they should get the hell out of dodge. Chakotay wakes up and has Voyager set on course.

Er, why's Voyager cruising along sedately at impulse instead of going as fast as they can? Kim and co wake up, however we're only 20 minutes into the episode so there must be more to the plot...

Neelix, Kim and Torres tease Tuvok about what his nightmare might have been. Then Voyager comes under attack and id disabled... by the alien from the dream. More aliens beam aboard and take over the ship.

Seven smacks Kim around a bit as a diversion while Chakotay and Torres attempt an escape... then Chakotay realises he's still dreaming and wakes himself, again.

HoloDoc says the entire crew is now asleep and all having the same dream. Chaks scans for the aliens and locates them on a world nearby.

Meanwhile, in the dream world, the crew discusses their situation. Then decide to retake the dreamVoyager anyway. Torres ends up initiating a Warp Core breach. Janeway hangs around in Engineering for the breach and walks out unscathed. Tuvok suggests perhaps there was a less extreme method of testing that they're still in a dream.

Chakotay accidentally falls asleep again, but HoloDoc revives him and he beams down to the alien's planet where he finds millions of slumbering aliens. How do they reproduce then? sleep-shagging?

Chaks wakes one of the aliens with an injection, only to fall asleep, however he's gotten HoloDoc to target the aliens with a photon torpedo, so the aliens decide to let Voyager go.

And the whole crew now has insomnia, the end.

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