Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle: Using a sensor network, the HoloDoctor is sent across space to a ship in the Alpha Quadrant.

*peer* why does Torres have bits of metal on her uniform? She complains loudly to Chakotay about Seven's manner. Seven has detected a Star Fleet vessel using a network of sensor stations.

They attempt to communicate across the network but fail until they hit on the idea of sending the HoloDoc. He ends up on the Prometheus in the sick bay where be finds dead and injured crew members, one of whom tells him Romulans have taken over the ship.

The Prometheus comes under attack from another StarFleet ship and splits in three parts to disable the other ship. You know, you'd think they'd build some sort of failsafe in to the computer to prevent it firing on other Starfleet ships.

HoloDoc treats a Romulan and then activates the Prometheus's EMH. They banter. The other EMH is a dick. HoloDoc gives him a pep talk. Or yells at him, whatever works.

Meanwhile on Voyager there's a backlog in sick bay, because people have been eating Neelix's food again.

HoloDoc and the EMH snark at each other. HoloDoc say he's had sex. They come up with a plan to flood the ship with knockout gas. HoloDoc goes to the bridge and ambles about before he's caught.

Meanwhile back on Voyager, more people have been eating Neelix's food. Paris asks Kim to design a new HoloDoc to take up the slack. Torres tells Seven she's rude. They get a transmission from the Hirogen complaining about Voyager using their sensor network.

The Romulan commander interrogates the HoloDoc, and finds he was sent aboard. Fortunately the EMH gasses the entire ship and knocks them all out. Unfortunately this means now HoloDoc and the EMH have to pilot the ship.

HoloDoc manages to stop the ship, but ends up causing a warp core overload. This dealt with, they detect incoming Romulan warbirds.

Meanwhile, Seven sends a feedback surge which incapacitates the angry Hirogen. Torres is impressed.

Paris and Kim work on a replacement HoloDoc. Gratuitous reference to Dr McCoy. The new HoloDoc overloads, and Kim suggests Paris reads up on medical texts.

HoloDoc and the EMH now have problems with both Star Fleet and Romulan vessels. EMH accidentally shoots a Star Fleet ship with a photon torpedo. They accidentally seperate the ship and instruct it to destroy a Romulan ship. The Romulans get the frell out and Star Fleet retakes the ship. HoloDoc returns to Voyager and gives the news that he's contacted Star Fleet command. The End

Season 4 = excellent so far.

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