Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Hunters

Hunters: Voyager attempts to retrieve signals from Star Fleet from the Hirogen communications network.

Voyager's receives an incomplete signal from Star Fleet over the Hirogen network and sets out to retrieve the rest of it. The Hirogen are miffed and go to intercept.

Voyager is currently 60 thousand light years from home. If the Hirogen stations reach all the way to the Alpha Quadrant, how come we haven't heard about the Hirogen before?

HoloDoc nags Seven about her implants. Voyager nears the station and finds a deralict ship containing one body minus skeleton and other parts. Seven says the Borg have seen this before but haven't met the Hirogen. They continue on to the station, which is using a black hole as a power source and start downloading messages, some of which are personal letters. Janeway points out to Seven she may have relatives back home.

Tuvok finds out he's now a grandpa. Neelix cracks jokes. Tuvok exercises restraint.

Chakotay gives Torres the news that the Marqui has been crushed by the Cardassians and the Dominion. Hmm, which season of DS9 was playing concurrent to this?

Kim is irritated because no letters have come in for him yet. His girlfriend's probably run off with someone else by now.

Seven and Tuvok get closer to the station in a shuttle to "shore up its containment field". Torres razzes Kim about his infatuation with Seven. Seven and Tuvok's shuttle is attacked and disabled by an incoming ship.

A letter comes in from Paris' dad. Tom's upset, but Torres points out all her friends died, so he feels better.

Janeway tells Chakotay her fiance got married while they were gone. Then Voyager finds the empty shuttle.

Meanwhile Tuvok and Seven are in a bondage dungeon. A couple of Hirogen come in and pose and bluster for a bit. Jeeze, Hirogen are big buggers. They prepare to disembowl Tuvok.

More Hirogen ships appear. Janeway comes up with a plan involving lots of technobabble. They zap the station and the singularity collapses. They beam Tuvok and Seven aboard, the Hirogen ships are destroyed, and they get the frell out.

The explosion has disabled the entire network, so no more messages from home. Janeway and Chakotay have a chat about life. Then they go to Neelix's party. The end.

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