Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Prey

Prey: Some Hirogen hunting a member of Species 8472 discover they've bitten off more than they can chew.

Some Hirogen hunting another ship... Woo, that's a big gun. Oh, it's a member of Species 8472 they're hunting.

Y'know, I like the Voyager title sequence best out of all the Trek titles. TNG was basically a rip-off of TOS, mostly. DS9 was hideously boring for the first few seasons, until they put some stuff in to spice up the long boring model sweeps... The less said about Enterprise, the better. But Voyager has some beautifully artsy shots of the spaceship, and a grand, sweeping theme tune.

HoloDoc is trying to help Seven learn politeness.

Seven (reading from card) "Did I mention you look lovely today?"
HoloDoc (likewise) "Oh, doctor, you're so charming."
Seven: "... this lesson is terminated."

A Hirogen ship zooms up to Voyager and promptly shuts down. Chakotay, Tuvok and Paris beam over. Paris finds a severed Hirogen head and they locate an injured Hirogen. Gosh, Hirogen are a bit of a rip-off of Predators. :P

Shot of previously seen Species 8472 crawling on Voyager's hull.

The Hirogen wants to continue the hunt. Janeway says no, you too injured.

Voyager dodges Hirogen ships. Tuvok and Kim go to investigate a hull breach and find the Speices 8472 creature's blood. Oh, I'm not going to call it that all the time. Let's call it "Herman" and continue on.

Technobabble happens. Herman turns up in engineering and attacks Torres and some other crew members, then sods off. The Hirogen still wants to hunt it. Seven says she can modify phaser rifles to firs borg nanoprobes. Janeways says not to kill Herman. It must be luv.

Ooo, look, artifical gravity is out, for once. This consists of one shot of Tuvok floating and various small objects floating.

They decide to let the Hirogen out to help, then theey put on environmental suits and go Herman hunting. Eventually they find him floating and the Hirogen dude starts shooting him, til Tuvok turns up and shoots the Hirogen.

The Hirogen ends up back in sick bay, while Herman is still on the loose. Herman contacts Tuvok telepathically. They determine Herman was trying to open a singularity to fluidic space. It turns out Herman was stranded in the delta quadrant during the fight with the Borg.

Janeway agrees to help it get home. First she has to pep-talk Seven into helping to create a quantum singularity. Seven is sceptical. They argue. Janeway gets pissed and confines Seven to the cargo bay.

More Hirogen ships turn up and dork on Voyager. Herman gets up and becomes agitated. A hit knocks out main power long enough for the Hirogen to get loose. It reaches Herman. There's a fight, and Seven beams them both aboard one of the Hirogen ships (though both sets of shields?! Why not just beam a photon torpedo onto their bridge?!)

Janeway bitches at Seven, who responds by pointing out Janeway doesn't respect her individuality. Teh Enid.

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