Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, Retrospect

Before I start, a huge "Thank you!" to rustyverse for helping me fix an XHTML/CSS bug which had been buggin me for hours.

Retrospect: Seven believes a weapons trader has removed Borg technology from her.

Yah! Voyager blowing the crap out of something. They're buying an "isokinetic cannon" for a bunch of isolinear chips.

Seven's still trying to decrypt the meesage Star Fleet sent in Hunters, but Chakotay tells her to help integrate the cannon. She ends up punching out the trader. Looks like more work on her tact is in order.

HoloDoc fixes the trader's nose. Janeway tells off Seven again, then HoloDoc checks her out. Seven has an axiety attack during the tests. He finds a chemical is blocking some of her memories or something. Under tests, she remembers the trader extracting Borg technology from her. They dig further and she elaborates on the procedure, remembering them extracting nanoprobes and injecting them into another person.

Tuvok's sceptical that the memories are accurate. The trader's understandibly pissed off at the allegation.

HoloDoc tries to tell Seven she needs to deal emotionally.

They check out the trader's lab, and find Borg nanoprobes. He pulls a gun and transports out. Voyager pursues his ship, but he zaps Voyager's sensors.

After more tests, they find the evidence they've gathered is inconclusive. Seven is now also pissed off. They catch up with the trader's ship, but he doesn't believe them and attacks Voyager. Unfortunately his weapon system overloads and destroys his own ship.

Seven tells HoloDoc she feels remorse, so does HoloDoc. He asks Janeway to delete the enhancements to his program which he believes lead to the death. Janeway denies the request and gives him a pep talk instead. The end.

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