Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Killing Game, Part 1

The Killing Game, Part 1: Having taken over Voyager, some Hirogen force the crew to take part in holosimulations of wars.

Janeway as a Klingon. Far out. Then a Hirogen turns up and stabs her, for this is the double-episode in which they've taken over Voyager.

A couple of Hirogen fix Janeway and decide to stick her in another simulation. Cut to... Seven singing. It's a holosimulation of war-era France. Some Hirogen wander in in uniform - funny, they don't seem like the role-playing types. Janeway appears to be the owner, while Tuvok's the bartender.

Uh, the Hirogen appear to have shrunk. Previously they looked like they were about 7 foot tall, but Janeway's about the same height as these ones.

Janeway wants to buy radio parts, while Seven's more interested in buying explosives to blow things up. Janeway thinks she might be a Nazi. Oh. dear. Neelix in period dress riding a bicycle. A Hirogen roughs him up for no apparent reason.

Janeway and co receive a message from allied high command instructing them to disrupt Nazi communications. Wait, Torres is preggers? What? She enters the Nazi base and takes them out Wolfenstien style. One of the Hirogen debates whether the Nazis deserve the spoils of victory when they took the French no problem. Torres appears to be pregnant to a holocharacter. Unless that's another crew member, in which case Paris is going to be pissed.

Two Hirogen shoot at Neelix cause they're bored, but he's rescued by Seven. The Hirogen catch up with them and shoot them, however.

HoloDoc complains to the Hirogen that they're damaging people. They're sending Neelix in the Klingon simulation? A Klingon Neelix boggles the mind. Kim appears to be helping the Hirogen reluctantly, along with some other crew members. He talks to the HoloDoc about a plan he has.

Funny, the Hirogen haven't considered simulating the Eugenics war. A couple of them discuss why they're studying humans. One of them thinks the endless hunting is killing their species. This bunch of Hirogen must be the smaller, wussier version.

HoloDoc tells Seven about the simulation and tells her The Plan. Unfortunately his override kicks in mid-song. Her lack of singing concerns Janeway. Meanwhile, Paris and Chakotay are being Americans. This part is largely irrelevant to the plot.

Janeway, Seven and Tuvok get ready for a commando raid. Seven is having trouble adapting. They get inside the Nazi base, where Seven locates some controls or other, allowing Kim to do something on the bridge, allowing HoloDoc to disable Janeway's neural link thingee.

Gah! KlingonNeelix! So very wrong.

The Americans turn up and help Tuvok fight the Hirogen. An explosion damages the holodeck, allowing the soliders out into the ship. To be continued.

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