Alden Bates (abates) wrote,
Alden Bates

ST:V, The Killing Game, Part 2

The Killing Game, Part 2: The Voyager crew and Hirogen struggle for control of Voyager

Last time on Voyager: Shit happened.

Janeway and Seven mess around with the internal sensors.

Kim wants to disable the holodecks permanantly, but the Hirogen commander disagrees.

The brainwashed V'ger crew are discussing the holodeck anomalies. Paris and Torres discuss their imaginary ex-relationship. This goes on quite a while. Alden begins to nod off. Then Janeway and Seven re-enter through a Jefferies tube. Janeway sorts out A Plan, and they retreat back through the tubes as the Nazi/Hirogen close in.

KlingonNeelix. Gaaaaaaaaah. Though all they really did was dye his hair and put on forehead bumps.

Chakotay and Paris find Kim. The former don't recognise Kim, as they are still brainwashed.

Paris: If Betty Grable came around that corner, what part of her would you be staring at?

Now there's a loaded question. :) Kim almost doesn't get it though.

Chaks and Janeway find Klingon!Nellix and some holoKlingons. Janeway summons up the HoloDoc and they leave him with Klingon!Neelix. Poor bastard.

Seven starts modifying WWII guns, raising Tuvok's suspicions. Why don't the Hirogen just break out the laser guns?

Janeway and Chakotay retake sick bay, briefly, and end up blowing it up, disabling all the mind control dohickies.

Neelix is now alarmed because the other Klingons expect him to act Klingonlike,, but he's back to being a wuss.

HoloDoc: I'll reattach any severed limbs, just don't misplace them.

The Hirogen captain exchanges words with Janeway. He wants to set up holodecks for his people to hunt in instead of wandering around. Janeway offers the technology for Voyager back.

News of the truce reaches the holodeck, but one of the HoloNazis pep talks a Hirogen with an admirable Nazi rant and said Hirogen and his mates does go on a spree with the Nazis.

Janeway decides to overload the holoarray. The rogue Hirogen turns up and shoots the commander, however, and starts hunting Janeway.

Kim sets the holoemitters to overload. The Nazis on the holodeck capture Chakotay and co and line them up in a firing squad. Fortunately at that point Neelix turns up with the Klingons. Klingons: 1, Nazis: 0. Janeway shoots the rogue Hirogen too.

The holoemitters overload, but oddly only the characters disappear, not the simulation itself. The Hirogen agree to withdraw, and Janeway presents them with a holocomputer thingee. The end.

Amusing spelling corrections suggested by the spell checker:
Janeway: Gangway
Hirogen: Hydrogen, Heroine
holoKlingons: housecleanings
Chakotay: Charity, Chasity, Charlotta, Chateau
HoloNazis: Holiness's, Holinesses
Holodeck: Haddock

Amusingly "Klingon" is in the spell checker.

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